Tier 4 Tips

If your group is a registered charity you will be aware of the new reporting standards that were introduced in April 2015. Many of you will have had your first experience filling out the new performance report and may have found the experience somewhat bamboozling the first time around. At DCA we have been helping groups through this process and there are few simple things that you can do throughout the year that will help make your next reporting easier.

As well as reporting on your group’s financial performance, you are now also required to report on your groups outputs. Outputs are just the activities your group was involved in during the year. The outputs you report on will be specific to your organisation and are not a monetary value. For example, a sports club outputs could be the number of children participating in the local competition or attending coaching sessions. For a support group outputs could be number of people attending coffee mornings or education classes. Take note of how many attended, who attended – were they members or the general public and anything else significant to the event or activity.

The trick is to make sure you are keeping notes throughout the year, rather than trying to remember something you did 12 months ago. If you can keep good records this section will be a lot simpler to fill out at reporting time. These notes could even become part of your monthly meetings, as it is a good chance to review what your group is doing and how it can improve.

We are here to help so if you need some help with your groups accounts – book a session. This can be done on our website or by contacting Annette 471 6177

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