Tier 3 and 4 Example Performance Reports

Charities Services have posted some example performance reports on their website to help guide you with your own reporting.

Tier 4 Examples

Tier 3 Examples

There is also lots of other useful information on their website including  webinars that you might find useful.

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Events @ Dunedin Public Library

Events Calendar – Dunedin Public Libraries

This year’s children’s Summer Reading Programme starts on Saturday 17th December 2016 at your local Dunedin Public Library. We’re challenging curious adventurers to join our great reading expedition and travel to as many new places as they can through the power of books.

Annual Reporting to Charities Services: A guide for Tier 4 charities

Charities Services latest guidance for Tier 4 charities, that’s those with expenses under $125,000.

You can find all the official guidance at www.charities.govt.nz/new-reporting-standards/tier-4/

If your turnover is over $125k and under $2 million then you’ll need the Tier 3 guidance.

Annual Reporting to Charities Services A guide for Tier 4 charities